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    For dogs that enjoy the company of other dogs, dog parks can be a great way to socialize and get exercise.  I would recommend

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  • Crate Training Tips

    One of the best ways to housebreak your dog is to use a crate. For most dogs a den is a safe and secure

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  • Seven Top Keys to Training Success

    Be Consistent Practice Often Give lots of praise Make it fun for you and your dog Be clear and concise in your direction Be

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  • Dog to Dog Communication

    Learning to read your dog’s non-verbal language is important.  Dogs communicate very well with each other through body postures and movements.  This language is

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  • Dogs and Kids

    Dogs are more likely to see children as equal to them in the family pack.  Many dogs may look at children as other dogs

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  • Hot Weather

    We all like to take our dog with us to do errands, but when it warms up, your car heats up very quickly-even with

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  • Tying Dogs Out

    You are going to Starbucks and you’re taking your dog along for a nice walk.  Its a beautiful day so you tie your dog

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