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Dog to Dog Communication

Learning to read your dog’s non-verbal language is important.  Dogs communicate very well with each other through body postures and movements.  This language is easy for people to understand when they learn what certain body gestures mean.

Dog to Dog Interactions-Plan for Success

  • Ask if the pother dog is friendly and likes dogs and people.  If yes, then ask if you can greet the dog.
  • If dogs are on a leash, make sure that the leashes don’t get tangled-that’s how dog fights start.
  • If dogs are interacting on a leash and you are talking with the owner, keep one eye on the dogs-make sure everyone is having a good time.
  • Make sure each dogs stays comfortable with the interaction. If either dog acts aggressive, plays too rough, acts stiff, seems tired or over-stimulated, acts afraid,tries to back away, stop the play.
  • Your are your dog’s best advocate-protect and keep your dog safe.

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