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Tying Dogs Out

You are going to Starbucks and you’re taking your dog along for a nice walk.  Its a beautiful day so you tie your dog up outside and go in to order your coffee.  Five minutes later you come out and your dog is gone.  It’s happened–people steal dogs.  When dogs are tied up, they can get scared, jump up on people, and bark aggressively at passerby’s when you are not there to protect and control them.

As an example, a client of mine took her 8 month old dog to Starbucks. She tied him to a table and went inside keeping a constant eye on him.  In an instant something spooked him and he took off, bouncing table behind him, headed for a busy street.  In her good fortune a  Good Samaritan caught the table before the table and dog disappeared into traffic.  It took her a full year to recondition the dog to walk past a Starbucks sign without pulling away into the road.  Needless to say she doesn’t tie him any more to any thing.


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