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Crate Training Tips

One of the best ways to housebreak your dog is to use a crate.

  • For most dogs a den is a safe and secure place.
  • Most dogs will not soil where they stay.
  • The crate is used as a den to teach your dog bladder and bowel control.
  • The crate should be big enough for your dog to stand up, turn around, and lay back down comfortably.
  • If the crate is too big for your puppy, put a cardboard box in the crate to decrease the available space.
  • Place the crate next to your bed-your dog will feel more secure and you can hear him cry if he needs to go out.
  • Feed and water your puppy a few hours before bedtime, but allow nothing to eat or drink after that time.
  • Before you go to bed, take your dog outside to relieve himself.
  • Hopefully your puppy will sleep longer with an empty bladder and bowel.
  • Never use the crate for discipline or punishment, for you want the crate to be your dog’s safe, comfortable haven.

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